Our Ethos

The many milestones BDGroup has encountered since its beginnings offer a mirror image of the growth and development of Romania, and have shaped our approach to business to this day. BDGroup has spearheaded projects in fields such as adaptation to climate change, energy, agriculture, smart regulation and regional development. From the very beginning, we have built our success on values we uphold to this day – creativity, flexibility and commitment to our clients.

The BDGroup team is committed to working closely with communities to identify and capitalize on local opportunities, promoting local development as the key to economic growth.

From conducting our business-to-business projects we identify areas were policy support is needed, and knowledge sharing is paramount. Working for private businesses in various sectors enables us to identify gaps and bottlenecks in policy-making which could be solved by government-to-government dialogue.

At BDGroup we remain committed to innovation and the continuous sharing of knowledge required to stimulate it. Cooperating with renowned education and research organizations we focus on the market uptake of scientific concepts by involving and committing stakeholders in the development of reliable business models.

Here at BDGroup, we see our work as our mission. Our main aim is to contribute a long-term vision for adaptation to new technologies and systems. We are similarly passionate about raising awareness of the advantages of adaptation to innovation, and about inspiring social and cultural change in both organizations and individuals.


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